The T4r empowers users of virtually all ability levels to engage in exercise.


T4r combines lower and upper body movement for a fullbody workout, building strength and invigorating users such as those with disabilities, in rehabilitation or desiring health and wellness to get the most out of life. Safe, smooth, quiet, and easy to use, T4r inspires independence among users and therapists. NuStep’s recumbent cross trainers are a leading choice among healthcare and fitness professionals as well as home users.


T4r’s fresh design and small footprint make it ideal for a professional setting or home use.

Nustep T4r Recumbent Crosstrainer

  • The T4r simulates a natural walking motion while eliminating undesirable joint stress and promoting functional fitness.


    NEW StrideLock™ feature 
    Ergonomic body position for comfort

    Total body workout

    Smooth stepping motion

    Fits users from 4'6"- 6'4" (137-193 cm)

    Accommodates users up to 400 lbs. (181 kg)