We have a team of certified technicians throughout the state, therefore downtime on your equipment is minimal. Post sale service is one of the pillars of our business. We pride ourselves on responding to our customers. As with any mechanical device, commercial cardio equipment must be maintained and cleaned regularly. Commercial Fitness Solutions, Inc will happily advise on standard cleaning techniques as well as provide quality service technicians for both preventative and post incident needs. With the majority of our products manufactured domestically, our access to parts and being able to service our customers quickly continues to set us apart.



James Drake

National Business Development Manager

Western Equipment Finance

PO Box 640 - 503 Highway 2 W

Devils Lake, ND 58301

Phone 877-302-2282

Cell 914-557-6569

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Service Contacts


Servicing The State:

     Mike Thorn

     (937) 260-8452


Servicing Area Codes 614 & 740:

    Mike Herman

    (740) 816-3089


Servicing Area Codes 216, 330 & 440:

    Jerry Coleman

    (216) 533-6474


Servicing Area Code 419:

    John Boyett

    (419) 376-6603



Commercial Fitness Solutions, Inc. uses a team of professionally trained and highly motivated individuals with over 20 years experience moving commercial fitness equipment. The intricacies involved in outfitting a fitness center require attention to detail, respect of the environment, but most importantly a creative resolve when on-site obstacles present themselves. Our experience puts us in a position to address any issue and provide a great installation experience for all of our customers.